Internet penetration in Nepal has risen in the past decade. Nepal has 22.2 million internet users as per the NTA report for July 2020. After one year it rose to 27.7 million internet users.  Mobile users reached 37.8 Million. Technically we have more SIM and other telephone services than Citizens itself.

The factors below apply to Nepal and other ‘western’ markets, and separate them from more mature markets like the US and Europe.

Commencement and Rise of Telephony Service: When the Government started the telephony service it quickly took pace and demand for the service rose. The rise of telephony service has far-sighted the service providers to start Value Added Services (VAS) as Tele-fax services and  Internet.

Rise of Dial-up,DSL and ADSL, wireless and Fibre

With the rise in the number of telephone users, the immediate demand for global connection became the new need. Email service, Fax was the service that can shorten documentation transfer and communication around the globe. Nepal Quickly adopted Dial-up internet, DSL, ADSL, wireless, Satellite service internet, and Finally fiber internet to connect to the globe. It only took 10 years for internet speed to change from 64KBPS to 1 GBPS.

Introduction of VOIP and Broadband:
With the rise of VOIP and Broadband internet service Voice calling is almost replaced by video calls and chats. Broadband internet has facilitated users to call the globe in real-time with face-to-face interaction. 

Rise of Smartphones: The rise of affordable smartphones increased smartphone users in every nook and corner of the country. Simplified calling service and multiple features and the geeky internet glamour added to the internet as a basic need for many.

Introduction of Private Service Providers: Private service providers compelled large and Governmental internet service providers to improve and roll new sets of services. Private service providers are those who have contributed enough to reduce a SIM cost from 5 thousand to 50 Rs.  Private companies brought the latest technology at a subsidized rate and much reliable way. 

Users Literacy Level: Users’ literacy level has a quite promising rise, it helps them to understand the technology and its needs. 

COVID-19: Nepal  COVID-19 has encouraged many businesses to go online. Some of the renowned businesses have closed their physical stores and moved to online like Dulla The Factory Team and many more. This COVID Crisis has introduced a new way of business that has done astonishing business in Nepal online. 


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