Have you ever wondered about Digging a tunnel right below your foot? Hmm, if your answer is Yes or similar, Google has reduced your stress and saved your money to dig a tunnel manually so as to see the other side of earth guided by Earth’s Oval shape analogy.

Google Floom is a Virtual Reality (VR) experiment of Google Creative Lab launched in April, 2021. Floom uses the WebXR API to help anyone explore Earth from anywhere around the Globe. All you need is a mobile phone with a browser that has a camera access.

Floom provides an open augmented reality tunnel service for mobile phone users to see the other side of the Globe virtually straight from the browser.


Launch Floom on android devices with the latest updated Google Chrome.

Step One: Open g.co/floom or https://floom.withgoogle.com/

Step Two: Click on the Spiral button facing the floor

Step Three: Wait for the Magic to happen.


Tilt the device to change the angle of the tunnel and view.

See the Video:

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